When feminists buy clothes

I came across this awesome video from the facebook page Lolly and Doodle.  Must Watch!

This little girl is laying down some serious knowledge here.  I love her no-nonsense point of view on this, and especially how clearly and concisely she’s explaining her feelings, and of course her sneaky subversive little genius sense of humor of putting the boy’s tops she likes in the “girls” section and how much fun she’s having with it.


It’s safe to say I’m pretty girly and go for pretty traditionally feminine clothes and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but a lot of times it feels as if unless my daughter is dressed in pink sparkles from head to toe, that people will ask me if she’s a little boy or a little girl, or just call her a boy, and what bothers me is not that they might think she’s a boy, but that there seems to be only one way to be a girl.

I hear similar complaints from friends who let their little boys hair grow long!  Can we puhleease grow up and get over this?  My little girl certainly has her fair share of frilly outfits, but I absolutely am always seeking out tops and prints that are more than meets the eye.  One of my favorite tops ever is a little girls top I found for her at Osh Kosh B’Gosh with hearts and DINOSAURS on it.  You just never see stuff like that and I bought it immediately.  Girls like science and adventure too!  Girls need to get the message that they are more than their looks and boys could stand to get some style lessons.  Ok thnx bye!


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