Don’t Let the Diet Industry Ruin Your Holidays!

Whether you’re a big raging unapologetic radical feminist like myself who has fully embraced body acceptance OR you’re still catching up and are still invested in some form of weight loss, it doesn’t matter, this message is for all.

You might have noticed that holidays have become a big consumerist spectacle.  Not only do decorations come out on store shelves earlier and earlier every year, not only does Black Friday continue to produce stampeding deaths, but companies know, that anything they can use to encourage spending, like holidays, they had better jump on, because anything less is a giant missed opportunity for their bottom line.  That’s why we get nonsense like “Columbus Day” sales.  Really?  Someone will have to explain to me one day what Christopher Columbus has to do with a great deal on a mattress.

Well guess what?  The diet industry is not different.  With the holidays upon us, and the first big sugary one, Halloween, next week, you are going to see lots of “content” coming your way, with tips on avoiding overeating or how to make your holidays “healthier.”  Healthy, by the way, is often just a substitute buzzword for diet culture, and I’m instantly suspicious of anybody selling anything with that word attached.  The reason you’re going to see a lot of those kinds of articles, and ads etc… is because the main marketing tools of the diet industry are still fear, shame, and making you feel like you’re not good enough just the way you are, so they can sell you their plans (diets), books (propaganda), shakes (poison), etc…

Why shouldn’t you listen?  Aside from the obvious, which is that you are a worthy, lovable, worthwhile, and powerful human being all on your own, just as you are, “healthy holidays” are also utter nonsense.  If you’re not dieting, please don’t start the soul-crushing cycle of metabolism fuckery just as the holidays, full of temptations and treats, parties, family, magic, and celebration are starting.  Are you a masochist?  If you want to be healthy, guess what’s healthy?  Love, relationships, community.  Guess what decreases stress?  A well-nourished, wholehearted approach to life.  Guess what makes literally no difference at all?  Whether or not you overeat for a few days or enjoy a few treats here and there.

If you want to be healthy, guess what's healthy- Love, relationships, community. Guess what decreases stress- A well-nourished, wholehearted approach to life.

If you are dieting, first of all I’m so sorry, I promise, it’ll be over soon, BUT even if you’re super committed to this pointless process with a 95% failure rate, I still want to encourage you not to let this gigantic multi-billion dollar industry ruin your holidays. Even the most ruthless health and wellness professional has zero evidence that one day a month of relaxing on the couch and eating too much turkey and pie is going to make you gain any significant amount of weight.  It will be okay.  It’s fine.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the holidays.  Stop the guilt and shame spirals surrounding foods.  There are no good or bad foods.  We don’t get much time on this earth.  Enjoy yourself.



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